DefiDe's Network Management System provides permanent control and centralized configuration for all DefiDev components for optimal network installation, configuration and operation. It ensures efficient support for the operation of BPL networks. It provides supervision and diagnosis of the condition of all network components, as well as the online status of all devices. The NMS manages large numbers of nodes and devices on an electrical network. It has a simple to use interface and supports auto-discovery of network elements, provisioning, event logging, data collection, alerts, reporting….

DefiDev QTNMS is built on a scalable client/server architecture based on Linux with MySQL Databases and OpenGL. It is a multi-user application with multi-site management capabilities. The server utilizes a database to store and export network management information. The users can be given different access depending on their role in network operations. All management tools provide a Graphical User Interface.

For efficient integration and management, DefiDev QTNMS allows you to configure and monitor all DefiDev PLC devices. It also includes a topologic description of Medium voltage and Low Voltage Network. All topologic links are real-time check for active devices of the network.
Once running, the DefiDev QTNMS monitor all network devices and provide reliable real-time data.
The DefiDev QTNMS provides fault management capabilities by delivering real-time monitoring of the network in the supervision module. The DefiDev NMS may provide a Geographic Information System (optional) which allows a real-time monitoring of all devices supervised. An automatic alert system can be enabled to inform installer on field of success of installation in the entire system and of the quality of the link before leaving.
DefiDev NMS is the tools to quickly install BPL network, identify and solve all events and efficiently manage the quality of service.