With more than fifteen years of experience, DEFIDEV is a leader in powerline technologies. DEFIDEV from its inception is a leader in design and development of powerline products. Thanks to its expertise DEFIDEV securely connects consumers, telecom and utility providers through powerful energy networks.

DEFIDEV is a pioneer in BPL technology. Many customers have trusted the expertise of DEFIDEV team to deliver highest possible performance regardless the architecture and the type of electrical network. DEFIDEV provides a full suite of BPL product and solutions intended for utilities, telecommunications providers, real estate developers and specific solutions provider.

High transmission speed together with great reliability of this technology are highly regarded in many locations. Offered solutions naturally support all demanded network characteristics as VLAN, QoS, SNMP, IGMP - IPTV, etc.

Now DEFIDEV products can be found in more than 50 countries worldwide in leading utilities, operator access networks and municipality. Communication using power lines has a long history; indeed, the idea has been around since the beginning of the twentieth century. In the 1980s, very low-speed PLC systems were used for controlling electronic equipment such as light dimmers. However, since the characteristics for power lines to serve as a communications means have not been defined and because the characteristics of power lines will change when power equipment and household electrical appliances are connected to them, PLC systems are now more and more widely used. Indeed, the high-speed PLC is now economically viable due to advances in analog circuit technology, digital signal-processing technology. PLC systems operating now at up to 200 Mbps for access application and Gbps per in-home.